Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dennis the Menace Park

Stone is in love with trains like 99% of most little boys

Stone's favorite slide, I love it your bum a nice little massage : )

Another awesome slide, why dont they make more parks this cool?

Even the water fountains are cool. I think they have similar fountains at the Hogle Zoo.

Posing with Dennis

So glad I was able to take my boys here. Hopefully it will not be the last time.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monterey Bay Aquarium with Jaden

Stone absolutely loves his cousin Jaden. This year was the first year they really could play and talk and understand eachother. We had a sleepover and quite a few playdates with him while we were visiting California. Its such a shame we can't get these two boys together more often. Becky was able to get us all in for free which was an added bonus : ) Yeah for friends with hook-ups. Such a beautiful day in Monterey one of my favorite little beach towns ever.

A lazy dat at Grandma and Grandpa Sowards

Merrick gets more and more unhappy as these pictures progress ha
Stone gets more and more interested in his belly button as the pictures progress.

M almost three months

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seeing old friends and meeting some new ones

I got to meet and hold this adorable bundle Liam and see Christine very briefly. Doesn't he have the best nose, it reminds me of the Who's from Dr. Suess. How can you not love that sweet face.

Christine looks amazing after just having her baby. Wish I could say the same, oh well. Merrick is sporting his high waters ha. He is about two months older but he looks like a giant compared to L

Mrs. Pedrotti my next door neighbor meeting Merrick. I used to walk to her house and visit with her and play with her 5 cats (I used to be an animal person I guess : ) when I was a little kid. She loves kids and always wanted more but she was only able to adopt one back in the day. Such a neat lady. I will miss seeing her familiar face.

Bille was so nice to drive from S.F. and hang out and go on a walk one afternoon. I met her adorable daughter Nico for the first time, and fell in love.

Happy Hollow

Stone went on every ride at Happy Hollow. The only ride that I remember was the dragon ride, so glad it was still there.

Stone loved feeding the goats, even let out a few( with help of another kid) and my dad had to corral them in. lol

Anything car related Stone wants to be a part of it.

Quality time with Grandpa. My mom was so nice to watch Merrick so I could just focus on Stone. Luckily we went when we did with all the rain we had. It was such a fun day.

Family dinner at B.G. and Tiff's, Unfortunately I didn't take too many pics and the ones I did were fuzzy. My cute momma, Brandon and Merrick.

Reef, Beau, and Stone. It was so fun to see how fast took to his cousins even though he doesn't see them all very often. They are all so good with him and they love the baby too of course.

The only snapshot I got with Me and the busy bride. I wish I got a full pic of her dress it was so pretty.
There has been alot of changes since my last post: a move to Round Rock, TX which is about 25 minutes north of downtown Austin, new job for Spence, new ward, new friends, two growing boys and a whole lot more. I will do my best to catch you all up to speed : ) Less than a week after my last post I went out to California to see one of my best friends Heather Howard get married in Soquel, CA. Spence drove out even though he could literally only stay two days but we were ready for a road trip and I knew I could not make a twelve hour drive with an infant and toddler. The drive went surprisingly well and I enjoyed good tunes and great conversations with my husband. We stayed in Hollister with Jason the first two nights because my parents were showing their house. Stone literally threw up all over Spence right before he was going to get dressed for the wedding and he had a crazy high fever. It can be pretty scary when Stone has fevers because his body does not fight them very well with his condition. We stress dosed him and he just wanted to take a nap with Daddy. So Becky was so awesome to be my date for the wedding. Unfortunately I missed the whole ceremony but was there in time for toasts and reception...better late than never. Heather looked gorgeous and it was so great to see her family. Then on Sunday we had a big family dinner with 4/6 kids and it was such a blast to get together and laugh and see how much my nieces and nephews have grown...that is my heaven being with my family. I wish we could all get together more. It rained about 16/23 days I was there so no beach days for us, although the days I went to Monterey and S.F. it was gorgeous. I got to see some good friends, and I kind of was more of a homebody because my parents sold their house in Almaden while I was staying there. I felt very nostalgic the whole time I was there just so many memories so much growth and love in that house. Just knowing it was the last time in my childhood home was so bittersweet but I know my parents are doing what feels right for them just like they tell us we need to do whats right for our family. Anyhow here are some pics from California.